This unprecedented school year is coming to a close — what a year! We have learned, we have grown, we have struggled, and we will emerge stronger than ever. We chronicle the “reopening” at and we take great pride in our guiding principles of safety, learning, and communication.

In this podcast, Dr. Lubelfeld previews the report coming up at the May 18, 2021, Board meeting on resetting for the upcoming school year. Sharing learning, social-emotional learning/mental health, finance, and policy, the superintendent gives a preview of a longer report detailing what learning and growth look like after the impact of a disruptive global pandemic. The future is bright – we had challenges prior to the pandemic, during the pandemic, and we’re up for the challenges post-pandemic!

Link to Spanish and English Text of Podcast

Podcast – What’s Going on in D112? We are preparing to reset! #112Leads

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